Work interests

A high energy physicist by education, I am for more than two decades involved in the design, development and deployment of large scale distributed data handling systems, raging from object and relational databases to distributed storage clusters.

Today, I spend a significant fraction my time with the statistical analysis of data center metrics in order to optimise the efficiency of scientific analysis workflows.

Main areas of interest are currently:

  • interaction between storage and CPU efficiency
  • quantification of WAN latency impact of specific science workflows
  • analysis of storage media failure rates in a population of 50k disk units


  • 1995 PhD degree in physics, University of Hamburg
  • 1990 Diplom degree in physics, University of Hamburg
  • 1986 Physics and computer science studies at University of Muenster and Hamburg

Current Responsibilities

Currently, I am leading the Analytics and Development section of CERN’s storage group, responsible for the design and evolution of CERN’s high performance disk¬†pools for physics data analysis. I also chair a working group for Infrastructure Analytics in CERN’s IT department.

Other Roles and Memberships

  • Program comittee chair of Computing in High Energy Physic (CHEP) 2012
  • Invited reviewer at ESA (2001), NIF(2011) and LHC experiment (ATLAS, LHCb, CMS) project reviews
  • Ph.D project supervisior or Ph.D thesis supervisor at (Univ. Vienna (2001), Univ. Paris (2006) and Braunschweig Univ. of Technology)
  • CERN Summer Student Lecture Program Committee (2007-2013), responsible for computing related lectures
  • ACM member and frequent reviewer of storage related publications

Selected Presentations

  • Invited as external expert to ISAT Storage Meeting 2016 (Ney York), ReThink Big, Roadmap for European Technologies for Big Data, project meetings (2015)
  • Invited lecturer representing the LHC Computing Grid at the first CERN – Thailand Computing School, Bangkok, Thailand 2010.
  • Back-end storage - use as a true archive, WLCG Data & Storage Management Jamboree, Amsterdam, June 2010
  • Invited CHEP plenary, Distributed Data and Meta Data Management, CHEP 2009, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Petabyte Scale Data Management for LHC, Workshop on Data Storage, ESRF Grenoble, June 2008
  • Presented CERN’s grid and database activities in a keynote talk by Intel CEO Paul Otellini at the Oracle Open World Conference 2007
  • Lecturer at the 1998, 2001 and 2004 CERN School of Computing
  • DEXA 2000 - paper on File replica consistency in a Grid environment, 2000
  • Invited Talk about ODBMS Data Stores in HEP at the 2000 OMG ObjectWorld conference in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Invited tutorial on Petabyte Object Databases at the 1999 ACM SIGMOD/PODS conference - Philadelphia, USA


  • My list of publications (status 2016) is available as PDF from here.
  • A more up-to-date / complete list can be otained from Inspire.
  • There are also a few links / references at my ResearchGate entry.